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What happens during a 9Round kickboxing workout?


Show up on your own schedule, no restrictive class times


Check in and gear up for semi-private training with an instructor


Spend 3 minutes at a time at 9 training stations, getting a full-body workout

Feel the transformation

Feel the transformation

9Round is more than the 30 minutes you spend pushing yourself. It’s the pride of knowing you did something hard. It’s the satisfaction of learning a new skill and seeing progress. It’s the community fighting alongside you every day. 9Round builds confidence that you carry with you every minute of every day.

Mind-body Results

Mind-body Results

9Round's kickboxing program makes you feel good inside and out.

• Boost your endurance
• Promote heart health
• Release endorphins
• Relieve stress
• Burn calories
• Improve sleep
• Sweat out toxins
• Build lean muscle

Member perks

Proven strategies that set you up for success

Individual goal setting

Nutrition support

Semi-private training

Circuit training - No Class Times

Heart rate training

Performance reports

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9Round is about personal bests. This is between you and your will to change. Your instructor will give you modifications based on your fitness level so that you can focus on pushing yourself. Just when you think you can't keep going, your instructor will be there to remind you what you're capable of.

Find your power

For three minutes at a time, you'll see just how strong you are. 9Round isn't about competing against others, it's about competing against yourself and finding your inner strength.


Round 1 & Round 2

Round 1 & Round 2

Functional movement training using dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, jump ropes and other equipment to build strength and stamina.


Round 3 - Round 8

Round 3 - Round 8

The real fun begins with punching and kicking various boxing and kickboxing bags to build power and coordination. Learn real kickboxing techniques and feel your skills growing with every hit you land.

& Core

Round 9

Round 9

Time to hit the mat. Tighten and strengthen your core with challenging moves that improve the way you feel at work and at play. The entire workout strengthens your core, but on Round 9 you'll really feel it.

High-Intensity training designed for results

High-Intensity training designed for results

Our fitness experts develop circuit training workouts that change every day, so that you always have a new and exciting challenge.

From the Challenge of the Week (CHOW) to the HIIT training approach to the integration of heart rate training, everything about 9Round is designed by certified fitness experts and champion kickboxers to unlock the potential of anyone willing to show up and work.

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